We hope that your experience at Really Living as a first-time visitor will make you feel right at home —  whether you’re a long time churchgoer or have never been to church before.



What time should I arrive?

Our main (divine) service begins at 11 am. We suggest you come about 10 minutes early to get familiar with the facility and find a place to sit. A member of our welcome team will greet you at the door, provide you with a program, and help you find answers to any questions you may have.

Before our main service, we also offer Sabbath school lessons/Bible study classes for adults, youth, and children, starting at 9:30 am.

What can I expect?

Our usual service lasts about an hour-and-a-half and involves three main elements: music, prayer, and a sermon.


We typically open with a live music session of about three or four songs, also known as our “praise and worship”. It incorporates a contemporary blend of upbeat and meditative music. The congregation is invited to sing along if they wish. Lyrics are displayed on two large screena at the front, and many attendees choose to stand as they sing. You should feel very comfortable to either sit or stand, and to either sing along or simply listen.


Our prayer time most frequently involves one person praying out loud while everyone else listens. During this time some members of our congregation choose to gather and kneel together at the front of the church, but others prefer to kneel where they are, or simply stay seated.


Our main feature is the spoken message, or sermon, that is shared by our pastor or occasionally an elder or guest speaker. It aims to challenge and inspire us with Biblical truths that are relevant to our daily experiences. Expect to laugh, contemplate, enjoy multimedia, feel encouraged, and leave with something to think about.